High Waist Half Leg Extra Firm Shaping

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Four sections made of 77% nylon, 23% Invista® Lycra® Powernet Spandex stretch knit for all-over control.

• Rigid nylon satin front and sides holds and firms stomach and thighs.
• Sturdy zipper with hook and eye closure for comfort and convenience.
• Satin elastic back panel.
• Exclusive split crotch for convenient opening.
• Flat sewn seams.
• Four removable concealed garters.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 1 in

4 reviews for High Waist Half Leg Extra Firm Shaping

  1. Jonhy

    The secret that today’s girls don’t know, and that is that once you train in a gdrlie it can be a joy to wear. You do actually forget you have it on, and when you think of it it’s just a nice firmness around you, a lovely hug particularly around your bottom. It holds you up, the support and comfort can be awesome. But it’s lovely to take it off going to bed, then you get so you can’t wait to get it on in the morning to feel all that fab support. A gdrlie becomes so nice to wear eventually, in fact the support is so good you wonder how you ever lived without it. The way it holds your tummy up and in is awesome to feel, your bottom begins to feel petted. Yes the bottom hem binds your thighs together but you know this is so your gdrlie hem won’t show through your skirt, and I certainly don’t begrudge my waist nipped in a couple of inches either . It’s very important to keep it down over your bottom at the back and to fasten your back suspenders first to anchor it. Then to grasp it by the top in front and pull it up before you start to fasten each front supender – and then lift each leg off the floor so you can feel the tight draw on your back suspender as you fasten the front suspender on that leg. And each time wiggle a little bit so the gdrlie mini-adjusts itself comfortably round your rear, done!Well now that your belly is flattened and your bottom lovely and tight – it’s actually a nice feeling, it’s so snug. Now make a cuppa , sit down, and let your belly go! this is hugely important because when you let your belly go all of you relaxes into your gdrlie then, and now you just feel support, blessed support, firmness all around and nothing else. And now you begin to know how we wear gdrlies all the time, because it’s enjoyable as they do a lovely job. A gdrlie is so delightful to wear, once you know how, that it makes you feel good as it makes you look lovely. Now go look in the mirror and see what it does for you, go on and move your hands around your gdrlie and marvel at it, at yourself, your hands feel it to be hard but inside it you feel it soft against you, I can never get over the way it holds me up so beautifully.Yes, I have to bend with my knees and sit up a bit straighter, that’s more graceful, and it’s a bit difficult to scearch an itch . Now on with your clothes and off and let the wotld see and admire your fabulous figure ( it’s for me to know and them to find out ! ) .

  2. tom

    The best girdle available for sure.
    The open bottom version is great
    also. Its very difficult to find
    zippered girdles today. I hopr
    Rago continues to make them.
    Thanks Rago.

  3. Georgia

    I often wear this firm girdle with high end ff nylons to work. I have worn girdles and nylons to work for several years and have enjoyed the change from pantyhose.The Rago 1294 open bottom girdle is a favorite.I know that my boyfriend really likes me to wear girdles and sheer nylons ,

  4. Barbara Siminsky

    I went through Girdle Training with a professional corsetiere about 5 years ago. I was comletely amazed as to really how beneficial wearing the Rago 6210 girdle really is. I never realized there are even some serious health benefits to daily wearing a vintage girdle. A vintage girdle has always been a women’s best kept secret.
    For girdle training just follow these simple steps.

    1. Measure your hips and waist choose a girdle that is 2 sizes smaller.
    2. Learn how to properly put on a girdle – lay down on you bed, lean way back, pull up you knees and pull up your girdle and hook up the hooks and eyes and pull up the zipper and stand up.
    3. REALLY IMPORTANT: Keep you stomach muscles relaxed, just rely on the girdle to support your posture, this can take a little time to get use to.
    4. DEVELOP A DAILY ROUTINE: Each and every morning when you wake up clean up and then put on your girdle. To develop a daily routine can take a few weeks to months so be patient it will happen, it becomes a positive habit.
    5. PURCHASE A BEAR MINIMUM OF 3 GIRDLES: One to wear, one to cold wash and air dry, and one in your girdle draw, rotate every day.

    Keep in mind it will take a few weeks to months to get use to be in a vintage girdle like the Rago 6210. The benefits are there. One thing I discovered is I now wear the Rago 6210 not just for getting all dressed up, but when I relax around the house in sweats and shorts or when I work in the garden. You do get to the point you will not want to be without a girdle, and you will love how you look and feel, it really is amazing, you will find you will be pleasantly surprised how beneficial wearing a girdle daily really is.

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